LegCo Official Homepage Date:  29 Jan 2005 (Sat)
Time:  11 am - 1 pm  (LegCo Tour)
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Dim Sum Lunch)

A tour of the Legislative Council Building was arranged by the Organizing Committee of the Mentorship Programme.  Around a hundred Ying Wa girls, including mentors and mentees, participated in this function, which was the first activity of the year.


We were honoured to have Ying Wa alumna and elected legislative councilor, the Hon. Choy So Yuk (蔡素玉), as our tour guide for the day.

The first stop was the grand LegCo Chamber. With her wealth of experience as a Legislative Councillor, Ms Choy gave us a very comprehensive introduction of the history of the building, composition of the LegCo, functions & powers of the LegCo. Moreover she shared with us some of the anecdotes of the LegCo meetings!

Mentors and mentees were all eager to ask questions and Ms Choy answered them all.  Before we left the chamber, each of us was given an information  pack on LegCo.

* Group Photo *
  Led by Ms Choy, participants were able to roam around and visit all the major venues of the building, including the Ante-Chamber, Conference Room, Press Conference Room, Press Room and even the top floor where we could take a close view of the building dome and the famous Statue of Blind Justice.

Tips from Ms Choy

  • Regular meetings are open to the public.
  • Registration is required for meetings with hot discussion topics!

* Activity organizers* * Mentor & mentee* * In the Press Room* * On the top floor*
To provide a further opportunity for mentors and mentees to share and to get to know each other, the visit was followed by a dim sum lunch at the King of the King Restaurant nearby. We were also extremely delighted that, despite their busy schedules, both Ms Choy and Mrs Ruth Lee, our school principal, were able to join our lunch party.

* At lunch *

Web Resources

Legislative Council  http://www.legco.gov.hk/

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