• Date:  14 Jan 2006 (Sat)
  • Time:  8:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Venue: Cathay Pacific City

Around 120 alumnae, mentors and mentees, participated in the first outdoors activity of the Mentorship Programme. All were very excited over this function.
The 1st stop was at the spacious auditorium. The  video presentation shown gave us an overview of the history, operations and services of the company. Then we were divided into four groups and led by the
charming CX ambassadors for a thorough tour inside the CX city.
During the tour, we met some flight attendants trainees undergoing intensive emergency training.
Inside the Flight Training Centre, we visited the training cabins and pretended to be a passenger! A multi-million simulator was in action. We were told that trainee pilots were being trained inside. Mentors and mentees enjoyed a break and the refreshment provided by the host company.
During the Q & A session, the staff shared with us some of their working experience. We could feel their passion for work and committment to the company.

The HR managerial staff introduced the many career opportunities with CX and gave us a tip to perform well in an interview:
Be Yourself!

Mrs Ruth Lee presented a souvenir flag, a set of YW history book and 105 school magazine to
express our gratitude for the warm hospitality offered.

All thanks to the Organizing Committee, special arrangement was made to accommodate such a large group of visitors to the Cathay Pacific City!>> More photos
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  The Cathay Pacific City is a complex which incorporates a 10-storey office building with three towers, a 23-storey staff hotel, an eight-storey Flight Training Centre and a 7-storey Airline Stores Building. Total floor area of the complex is more than 121 000 square metres.

There is a Customs counter for flight staff inside the Cathay Pacific City!

The company was founded in 1946. Their vision is to make Cathay Pacific the most admired airline in the world.   >>

The company's first ever aircraft was a converted Douglas DC3 named Betsy. It was the first aircraft, now hangs suspended from the ceiling of the HK Science Museum.    >>

CX has just won the Best Airline of the World 2005 Award.    >>

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