Mrs Chau Ma Pui Kin’s Visit

Che Kwai Ying, Kristine (’70)

We were so excited that Mrs Katherine Chau Ma Pui Kin (’55), former Principal of Ying Wa Girls’ School (1972-2001), had a gathering with us on February 4, 2023.  It was our first gathering since the pandemic.  

Mr Yeung Po Kwan, former Principal of Ying Wa College, and his wife also attended our dim-sum lunch.    The piercing cold morning was mellowed by our warm welcome of Mrs Chau.    

From left: Ms Winnie Yau (’59), Mrs Katherine Chau, Mr Yeung Po Kwan
From left: Mrs Yeung, Mr Yeung Po Kwan, Mrs Katherine Chau, Ms Irene Ma Pui Yiu (Mrs Chau’s sister who joined YW in 1947 and left after Form 1), Ms Winnie Yau
Happy gathering at the beginning of the Chinese New Year
Very nice dim-sum lunch