Dear Beloved Daughters

Amy Seto Tang Yuk Ling (’89)

There are so many life lessons to share with you, where do I begin...  To start, TIME IS PRECIOUS, TREASURE EVERY MINUTE (the school motto of my alma mater - YWGS).  It has been almost 30 years since I left everything that was familiar – family, friends, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, basketball and more.  Who would have thought that one year of an international exchange program could lead to so many things that I am grateful for, and you, my dearest, are at the top of the list.

Take risks

I do not mean living your life recklessly.  I mean taking calculated risks and stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while.  I had never considered myself a risk taker, yet time and time again I made more decisions that paid off than not.  After my first year of overseas studies, I decided to finish my undergraduate degree in the US with a major in organizational communication.  It turned out to be a degree that can prepare me for any job, or one may say, for no particular job.  Finding an employer who was willing to sponsor my work visa was another constraint in addition to my broad schooling.  I was at a crossroad, decided to quit my full-time sales job and pursue a graduate degree in business and accounting.  Becoming a certified public accountant was one of the best decisions and risks I have taken.

Build relationships

It is not about how many followers you have on the social media.  You will meet people from all backgrounds as you progress in life: Abled, Disabled, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Asian.  Be curious about what others believe, try to find shared values and perspectives.  You will find your life enriched by those who are in it.  Whether these relationships are personal, professional, or both, they are not meant to be measured by the number, but by the difference that you have made.

Birthday celebration, picture with Emma, Chloe and Justin (Baltimore, Maryland, June 2020)
Family vacation, picture with Emma and Chloe (Rangeley, Maine, July 2020)
Honored by the Baltimore Sun, 25 Women to Watch (October, 2020)

To serve and not to be served

I feel extremely fortunate to have served the city I now call home.  My 13 years at the Baltimore Community Foundation were centered around channeling philanthropic resources and community leadership to boost a growing economy in which all have the opportunity to thrive.  Four years ago, I took another risk and joined a global investment advisory firm.  My current role combines my personal and professional passion, helping non-profit organizations make better decisions by providing thoughtful advice, service and partnership.  My outlook has been shaped by a multitude of life experiences over the years, but if I were to point out one concrete influence, it would be the teachings of YWGS deepening over time.

Instill gratitude

I would not have been where and who I am today without the loving support of my parents, family, and friends.  I would be remiss not to mention the many others who took a leap of faith in sponsoring my American citizenship, in promoting me to leadership positions, and in educating me on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  During the pandemic, unlike many struggling families, we were fortunate enough to stay healthy and financially secure.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  You must keep this in mind, acknowledge the privileges you possess, advocate for those whose voices are not heard, and strive to do most good for the community around you.

Editor’s note:

Congratulations to Amy on being selected as one of the “25 Women to Watch 2020” by the Baltimore Sun (  On this happy occasion, we have invited Amy to share with us her recipe for success as an immigrant in the USA.