Reconnecting Across Continents: Inception of the YWGSAA UK-London Chapter

Winona Chan (2013)

I serve as Events Officer of the YWGSAA UK-London Chapter, and my journey with this remarkable initiative began with the screening of YWGS’s documentary in London.  Unbeknownst to me, the spark of curiosity ignited the formation of the UK Chapter.  Inquisitive about upcoming events and the existence of a UK Chapter, I reached out, only to find that there was none.  Little did I know that this simple enquiry would lead to a significant opportunity.

An open recruitment on 25 September 2023 brought together 11 committee members, including Cheung Siu Ping (1980), Cindy Chan (1997), Annie Kwong (former teacher), Jacqueline Hui (1994), Jennifer Chow (2001), Jenny Woo (1982), Ling Tang (1990), Peggy Tam (1982), Shirley Koo (2010), Victoria Chan (2010) and myself, spanning different ages and locations, united under the common thread of being YW girls, ready to reconnect.

Mr Francis Kwan (from left, 8th) and Ms Chow Siu Fung (from left, 6th) attending the launch event with the committee members

On 7 October 2023, we convened for our inaugural meeting and agreed that we will serve for a term of 2 years.  Guided by Cheung Siu Ping, a seasoned YWGSAA committee member, we efficiently organised roles and responsibilities.  Despite our diverse backgrounds, we swiftly addressed legalities and embarked on planning our inaugural event.  Trust emerged naturally among us, rooted in our shared experiences at YWGS.  As the youngest committee member, I have found invaluable mentorship from my peers.

More than 90 members of the Ying Wa family attended the launch event

On 27 January 2024, the YWGSAA UK-London Chapter hosted its launch event in London, supported by Mr Francis Kwan, Ms Chow Siu Fung, former teachers and YW girls spanning from Hong Kong to the UK.  The journey, from venue selection to event promotion, has been a collective effort marked by dedication and commitment.  I express my gratitude to each committee member and eagerly anticipate more exciting events and projects in the near future.  Together, we are bridging distances and rekindling the spirit of YWGS among its alumnae.