Overseas Chapters

Notice to all alumnae

Going to Canada and Australia for study, short/long stay?  You may wish to contact the following YW Alumnae Overseas Chapters. They are most delighted to welcome and offer you advice and support!

Vancouver:  ywalumni.van@gmail.com
Toronto: yingwagirls@gmail.com
Sydney: ywsydneyalumnae@gmail.com

Other enquiries can be sent to Alumnae Mailbox in HK (alumnae@ywgs.edu.hk)

Toronto Chapter

Contact person: Mrs Emily Wong


The alumnae community in Toronto first started in July, 1988 when Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan and a few graduates from the Class of '59 gathered about 100 past students and staff members for dinner when Mrs. Katherine Chau, Miss Lam Sui Sum and Miss Yau Ping Wai visited Toronto.

Ever since then, graduates from Class of '59 voluntarily coordinated alumnae in Toronto for Annual Dinners every summer. This has become a tradition and then, this coordinating work has been passed on to graduates of Class of '71, '70 and now to Yolanda of Class of '77. 

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Vancouver Chapter

Contact person: Mrs Audrey Yeung 


The formation of Alumni Association in Vancouver was initiated by a few early immigrants of YWGS whose husbands were graduated from Ying Wa College way back in the early 1980s with founders of less than 8. With the influx of H.K. immigrants to Vancouver later in the years, YWGS and YW College Alumni Association, Vancouver Chapter, was formally organized.

Our Annual Dinners were usually held in spring. In recent years, we invited speakers from our alumnae to give us professional advice on topics of interest like health, estate management, botany, etc. In the last 10 years, we have a moderate number of participants of 50 including some supportive spouses.

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Australia Chapter

Contact person: Ms Esther Cheang 


The Australian Chapter was actually the brainchild of Kenny Chan Man Kin ('65) who visited Sydney in 2005 with Ms Kwan Yeuk Laan. There was no formal network at that time, yet around 20 alumnae turned up to meet Ms Kwan and Kenny. Following this historical event, Ms Sunny Ko ('65) started liaising alumnae in Australia and New Zealand with the help of '65 classmates. 

In 2010, the first formal reunion lunch was organized and 60 alumnae spanning 5 decades (from '60s to 2000's) attended. Since then, various gatherings have been held, in the form of yum cha, lunch buffet, art gallery visits, leisure walks, garden tours, etc. [ Read more ]

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Southern California (Los Angeles) Chapter

Contact persons: Mrs Jenny Lew Fong Yuk Chee / Mrs Wing Chan Tsang


On 6 August 2013, with the enthusiasm and kindness of some alumnae in LA, we have had our first ever gathering of YW girls ranging from the 1930's to 2004 - a historical moment they said. [ Read more ]

Regular gatherings are organized such as dim sum lunch, attended by alumnae with spouses. Recently, we also joined the Christmas party organized jointly by alumni of six Christian Schools from Hong Kong.

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Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) Chapter

Contact persons: Ms Monica Yeung Arima 


The Northern California Chapter based in San Francisco Bay Area was born in January 2016 and there were already over 40 members! We had our first meeting with Mrs Ruth Lee, former YW principal on 19 October 2015. [ Read more ]

Various alumnae activities have been organized such as potluck gathering, dim sum lunch and talks. We are honoured to have our former teachers living in N California joining our functions.  

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Do feel free to contact the webmaster if you want to take up the role of volunteer coordinator in your vincity!