Greetings from Melbourne

Siu Yau Miu (’59)

Blooming tulips

We started our summer season in December, but it was still so cold that some places had  been snowing.  It has been our wettest spring for 40 years.  So, we had the most glorious spring season.  The gardens were a sight to see, and trees were heavily laden with blossoms.  It was really magnificent, the best spring since we came in the 1980s.  Unfortunately, the heavy rains also brought floods for a lot of people.

We just had our last meeting of Yum Cha on 10 December 2022.  It was a small gathering, only five of us.  We had a congenial meeting, but we found out Christine Clark (’68) was leaving us to move up to Sydney to be with her sister.  Make good sense to us, but sad to lose her in Melbourne.  

COVID-19 is very much present, our 4th wave.

With hope for the new year, everything going back to normal would be our wish.