Spring Lunch and Walk

Susan Tsang (梅冰開)(’69)

I always believe that pictures speak louder than words on some occasions.  We have successfully captured the happy moments of our spring gathering on 27 September (Yum Cha at North Sydney and excursion to the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability) with some nice photos.  

The photos are self-explanatory but I want to draw readers’ attention to the subtleties.  The background of the one taken at Yum Cha suggests that it is an upmarket restaurant (see the bottles behind, we did not have any though)!  The colourful outfits chosen by the girls for the occasion reflects the mood.  The photos themselves were not random shots.  They were carefully composed with the consideration of background, posing, lighting, etc. under the directives of our professional photographer Ellen (do not expect to be next to your best friend at photo time if you happen to be wearing the same colour on the day)!

With special thanks to Esther and Ellen for organizing this gathering, we all look forward to the next meeting.