Ms Yau’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Che Kwai Ying, Kristine (’70)

60 years of marriage in this day and age is no simple feat.  On July 30th 2023, Ms Yau Ping Wai (’59) and Mr Wilson Cheung celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and it was also Mr Cheung’s 90th birthday.  This echoes our Chinese blessing of double happiness (雙囍)!  

This memorable event was held at the Toronto Christian Community Church.  Family and friends from school, work, Hop Yat Church and Gibson Centre came.  Many YWGS alumnae were privileged to celebrate this milestone of Ms Yau.  It was a precious occasion as the couple shared their secret recipe for a happy and lasting marriage.  

Happy family of Ms Yau (front row, second from the left) and Mr Cheung (front row, second from the right)
Back row, from left: Winnie Tsang (’70), Winnie’s husband, Ms Lily Chow (former YW teacher), Ms Chow’s husband, Mr Francis Kwan, Kristine Che (’70), Rosanna Wong (’70), Deborah Chung (’69), Maureen Chung (’67)

Happy Encounter

When asked how he met Ms Yau, Mr Cheung recalled that as he was walking, he noticed a young lady in front of him dropped a handkerchief.  He picked it up trying to return it to her, only to find ‘Yau Ping Wai’ and her phone number embroidered on the handkerchief.  Too convenient, eh?  Ms Yau reminded us that fake news was prevalent and that we needed to fact-check first.  

From left: Mr Kwan and the Happy Couple

Cheers, and looking forward to their 65th wedding anniversary.