My COVID-19 Recovery Story

Monica Yeung-Arima (’75)

Monica and Adrian@Egypt

During 9 February to 3 March, Adrian (my husband) and I joined an adventure-filled trip to Egypt, with the Archaeological Institute of America, visiting the ancient ruins and the pyramids.  We started to get sick on our homeward flight back to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I got a fever as high as 102oF, and had a cough and body aches.

After returning home, we were tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  We were admitted to Stanford Hospital for isolation and treatment.  Adrian recovered after a short hospital stay while I was treated with an experimental drug Remdesivir (瑞德西韋), being one of the first patients to be accepted for a clinical randomized trial.  The clinical trial started on March 15 and lasted five days.  After intensive care for nearly two weeks, I was discharged on 20 March for self-isolation at home.

Thanks to God, I am now fully recovered and can resume normal everyday activities.  I am most grateful for the warm messages from Ying Wa teachers and alumnae in Hong Kong.


(1) Monica Yeung Arima is a member of the Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) Chapter of the YWGSAA.  She is a realtor and an active volunteer in the community, living in Palo Alto.

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