In Loving Memory

Ms Esther Wong

Ms Esther Wong (蘇振恩校友), graduate of 1960, passed away on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Esther spent her life committed to the people she served and to the community that she loved. Her passion for service touched thousands of families in Chicago and the US.
A link by CASL on "Celebrating the Life of Esther Wong" (Click)
A letter sent by former US Presdient, Mr Obama to Ms Esther Wong in 2016 (Click)

Mrs Che Leung Ching Yee

It is with great sadness that we inform the passing of Mrs Che Leung Ching Yee (車梁靜儀老師) on October 13, 2022. 

Mrs Che first joined Ying Wa as a young teacher in 1975.  She left for other aspirations in her career and returned to serve Ying Wa from 1993 until 2015.  

Mrs Che contributed immensely not only as a teacher in English, Language Arts and Geography in the junior forms, but also as a dedicated and efficient head of the School’s Discipline Committee and Life Education Committee.   

A memorial service for Mrs Che will be held at 7:30 p.m. on November 4 (Friday) at the Methodist International Church in Wanchai (271 Queens's Road East).

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Miss Ho Yu Kwong

Miss Ho (何宇光老師) taught Chinese and Chinese History during 1967-1977. She passed away in Toronto on 9 November 2019. Her students could still recall her elegant caligraphy and kind voice. [ article ]

Miss Venny Lai

Miss Lai (黎敏健老師), former English and Literature teacher (1987-1993), passed away suddenly while vacationing in Osaka on 14th October, 2019, Monday night local time. Requiem mass was held on October 26 at St Ignatius Chapel. [ article ]

Dr Gail Law Man-wah

Gail (羅曼華校友), graduate of 1959, passed away in the morning on 2 May 2018. Her life is like a shining torch, always lighting a way to hope and glory. May she be crowned by our loving God and rest in peace. Click here for an article about Gail posted in the Alumnae Newsletter (Sept 2017).

Mrs So Chau Yim-ping, BBS, JP

Mrs So (蘇周艷屏校友), graduate of '40s , passed away in the morning on 26 Jan 2018. Her life is a legend, not only an entrepreteur in the commercial field, she also served in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and Southern District Board in '80s. Click here for a collection of articles posted in the Alumnae Newsletter.

Ms Angel Yeung Wai-fun

Angel (楊惠芬校友), F5 graduate of 1978, left us on 12 July 2016. She was the Vice-President of the YWGS Alumnae Association (2013~2015), a devoted helper in the Spring Bazaar, the coordinator of the Alumnae Choir, the Caring Team, the Ambassadors Programme and various activities. She is now with the Lord. May God embrace His loved one and give peace to her family. Those who know her will always remember her enthusiasm, hard work, joyfulness, laughters, positive thoughts and what she has done for YW! 
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Ms Suen Chien-to Beatrice

Miss Suen (孫堅徒老師), retired teacher of Ying Wa, passed away on 24 May 2016 in Vancouver, aged 93. Click here to read an article posted in the Alumnae Newsletter (Oct 2011). [ Ms Suen's biography ]

Mr Lee Chik-fong

Mr Lee (李直方老師), retired Chinese Teacher of YWGS, passed away on 13 May 2016 in Vancouver. Click here to read an article posted in the Alumnae Newsletter (Feb 2012). 

In his honour, Mrs Lee (wife of Mr Lee) made a generous donation to have a classroom in the new campus named after Mr Lee and launched a scholarship for Chinese Literature in his memory. [ article ]

Mrs Mak Hung Yuen-cheung

Mrs Mak (熊琬章校友), alumna and ex-Council Member, passed away on 18 Nov 2015. She was the principal of Henrietta Secondary School (顯理中學) for thirteen years.

Mrs Tsang Kwok Yuet-yung

Miss Kwok(曾郭月容女士), alumna, parent, and retired staff of YW, passed away in the States in July 2013. Some alumnae could still remember her elegance, kindness, piety and dedication to the school. Read a message from Ms E. Jenkins, retired YW Principal who is now in England, to Mrs Ruth Lee, our current Principal. [ slide show ] [ article ]

Ms Chan Wan-fong

Miss Chan (陳蘊芳老師), our most senior teacher, aged 107, passed away in Toronto in May 2013. The funeral took place on 25 May. She taught Chinese subjects in early 50s -70s. [ article ]

Mrs Barbara Paterson

YW students of 50s-80s might still remember Mrs Barbara Paterson (黎愛德老師)who passed away on 17 May 2012 at Taunton, England. Barbara used to teach English and her husband were both London Missionaries. She also served in YWGS's school council (first as representative of the LMS, later as representative of the HKCCCC). [ article ]

Miss Lee Lai-ting

Miss Lee (李麗婷老師), passed away in an elderly home in the early morning on 24 July 2010, aged 102. She used to teach Art and Needlework before she retired. Those who had been taught by her will remember what a lot had been learnt from her about the right attitude and manner in life. Her funeral took place on 7 Aug 2010. Many YW alumnae and friends attended the service to pay their last respect to Miss Lee. Here is a piece of sharing by Miss Bow Sui Mei. [ article ]

Miss Wong Poon-chuen

Miss Wong (黄泮泉校友), alumna of 40s, passed away in July 2009. She had worked in the school office for some years and then moved on to the financial sector till she retired at the age of 70. More

Miss Theresa Sinn Yin-man

Miss Sinn (冼燕文老師), former YW teacher, passed away in Feb 2009. She taught English and History in the 60s for ten years. The Vigil was in the evening of 13 March 2009 (Fri), after 5 pm at Hong Kong Funeral Home, North Point and the Funeral Service was held on 14 March (Sat), 12 noon, at S.K.H. St. Mary's Church.  More

Miss Lam Sui-sum

Miss Lam (林遂心老師), former YW teacher and alumna, passed away on 30 June 2008. Funeral service was held on 20 July (Sun),3:30 pm at Hop Yat Church, Bonham Road. Many past students of Miss Lam came to pay their last respect. [ snapshots ] [ sharing of Rev CC Lee (mp3) ] [ article in 105th anniversary bulletin ]

Miss Lam had just celebrated her 100th birthday in May 2008. She had been a very active member of the church for years. On 20 July 2002, Miss Lam was presented the Award of Top Ten Christian Seniors.

Miss Chang Han-tsiu

Miss Chang (張漢秋老師), former Physics and Mathematics YW teacher in 60s & 70s, passed away in early July 2007 after long sickness. The funeral was held in the Hong Kong Funeral Parlour on 24 and 25 July with the service on 25 July 2007 at 2:00 pm. [ photo ]

Mrs Lilian To Wong Yin-bun

Miss Lilian Wong ( 陶彥斌校友), '62 alumna, passed away on 2 July 2005 in Vancouver. She was the CEO of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.(溫哥華唐人街中僑互助會), a renowned figure in the local Chinese community for her contribution and achievement over the years.

Read an article about Lilian in our newsletter (Feb 2004). [ biography ]

Miss Margaret Pilkington

Miss Pilkington, former English teacher and Deputy Headmistress in the '60s and '70s, passed away in Lancaster, UK, on 14 August 2003. Class of '68 initiated the setting up of a Memorial Fund to honour our beloved teacher. Donations went to the setting up of a scholarship as well as the slope-strengthening / mural project known as "Yat Pin Tin, Boon Mau Tien (一片天‧半畝田)". [ photo ]   [ details ]   [ appeal letter ]   [ reply slip ]

Miss Bow Sui-hing

Miss Bow (鮑瑞馨老師 1916 - 2003), former PE teacher (1947-1974), died on 3 May 2003. The funeral service took place on 20 May 2003 at Hong Kong Funeral Home. Many relatives, friends and students were present. Around thirty YW alumnae made up a choir and dedicated the hymn "The Lord Is My Shepherd" in the ceremony. The good strong voice of Ms Bow and her shrill whistle will always stay in the mind of her students! More   [ photo ]   [ a letter from student

Miss Chow Sui-mooi

Miss Chow (周瑞梅老師) , who had served in Ying Wa for a long time in the Primary Section, passed away in New York on 2 March 2003. [ photo ]

Mrs Lin Liang Yung-chen

Mrs Lin (林梁詠珍老師), former Biology teacher in 60s & 70s, passed away on 1 May 2003. Her funeral service had already taken place on May 10, 2003, at 11:30 a.m. at Hull's Walnut Creek Chapel, Walnut Creek, California. [ photo1 ]   [ photo2 ]

Miss Wong Yuk-mui

Miss Wong (黃玉梅校友), senior alumna and teacher, passed away in April 2001, aged 103. Many relatives and friends came to pay their last respect in her funeral held at Hop Yat Church, Caine Road. More