Visiting the Grave of Miss Jenkins

Luk Ming (’67)

I was in the UK for seven weeks this year and took the opportunity to visit the grave of Miss Evelyn Jenkins on 28 July, as I could not attend her funeral in person in 2021.

Finding the Way

I took the train from Victoria Station in London to Meopham, and walked to and from the graveyards.  As expected, there was no taxi around.  Fortunately, Angela Tang (’72), who attended the funeral, gave me a sketch of the location and a photoshoot. So, I managed to find the grave even though it was my first time there.  The churchyard of St. John the Baptist Church is on a busy road, and there was heavy traffic at the time of my visit.  A gardener was mowing, so I was not alone.

St. John the Baptist Church
Found the burial ground

Miss Jenkins Resting in Peace

I am relieved to see Miss Jenkins resting in peace in the loving embrace of God on green pastures with daisies around.  The churchyard was calm and pleasant.  I bought a M&S bouquet in London, and three small pots of flowers on behalf of Ying Wa from a local shop.  Glad that I did, even though it was heavy carrying them for the journey.

Three pots of red/pink flowers from Ying Wa
Bouquet (front) from me

Changes over the Years

The town has not changed much since my first visit in June 2003.  The population seems to be younger now and many houses have been refurbished, including the former home of Miss Jenkins.  She used to meet her YW students at the train station and drive them to her house.  The station has only automated machines and signboards now.  Good that nowadays we can use Google Maps to orientate and find out train schedules.  Indeed, Miss Jenkins was just 20 years older than me, and I can see the changes over these 20 years with her may happen to me too.

Former home of Miss Jenkins
Miss Jenkins used to meet us outside the Meopham train station
Empty bench at the train station where we girls once sat with Miss Jenkins

A Respected Headmistress

I cannot help missing a respected headmistress.  I still remember the happiness of our first reunion 20 years ago and our subsequent dialogues.  I hope that we can carry on her beliefs and outlook.