Celebration while the Pandemic Rages

Shek Yuk Yu, Ruth (’72)

Due to the pandemic, the Alumnae Association was not able to celebrate Rev. CC Lee’s 90th birthday as in 10 years ago (See “Birthdays like no others” on page 5 of our Oct 2011 issue at https://www.ywgsaa.org.hk/sites/default/files/newsletter/1110.pdf). Yet, with the kind thoughts of the Caring Team for Rev. Lee, a small birthday party was held.

Rev. Lee was surrounded by gifts of love – On her right is a card with foldable inserts containing congratulatory messages from 35 former Ying Wa colleagues all over the world.
The Caring Team helped decorate her flat for this joyous occasion.

With her favourite hymns, delicious mango cake delivered by the AA, Lai Sees and gifts, Rev. Lee was very happy and high-spirited.  She talked a lot of her sweet memories, recounted God’s grace in her life and showed much concern about what was happening around, especially in Ying Wa.  She was particularly impressed and touched by the care and support in the Ying Wa community.  In her usual humour, she said, “90 is not old at all - you are old only if you are 95 or over!”

Yet, not many at 90 can be as smart and shrewd as Rev. Lee!  May we wish her many happy birthdays to come.