14 July 2018

Farewell Day (Album 1)

Riding on the success of the Spring Bazaar, Ying Wa threw open its doors to the public for the second time on 14 July 2018.  This time it was for bidding farewell to Sham Shui Po, as the sixth and final year of our stay at this decanting campus drew to a close.

Alumnae, parents, teachers, students and friends of Ying Wa braved the rain for the big fundraising event.  Thanks to the coordination of the Extra-curricular Activities Committee, the Student Association and the Inter-house Committee, chairladies of the five recent SAs teamed up with the incumbent one to host the opening ceremony.  After the principal, Mr Francis Kwan's speech and the ribbon cutting ceremony by principals of neighbouring schools, our versatile dance teams, choirs and musicians shared the stage with other talented performers from Sham Shui Po, including Heep Wo Primary School, Ying Wa College, and Mr. Chan Kwok Cheung (陳國昌先生) a bagpiper residing in Sham Shui Po.  In the torch-lit finale, teachers and their toddlers took to the stage to delight the audience with nursery favourites.  Apart from the variety show, there were counters manned by the PTA and AA, student-run game booths, food stalls and bargain zones for a thrilling afternoon.  Such a memorable day will never be forgotten in the YW family.

Album 2

More photos and video clips are available at Alumnae Association Facebook Fan Page (Click)

(More photos are coming! Photo courtesy of Sinary, Sonja, Christy & Johnathan.)