14 December 2023

Mentorship Orientation Programme

On 11th November 2023, we organized yet another successful Mentorship Orientation Programme, in Silcock Hall which brought together a remarkable group of individuals who embody the spirit of mentorship and the Ying Wa community. The programme is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

This year, we were delighted to welcome more than 50 pairs of mentors and mentees who eagerly embraced the opportunity to embark on a transformative mentorship journey. 

A special and heartfelt thanks goes to Ms. Judia Yue, who has been an invaluable part of this program. Her unwavering dedication as both a mentor since 2003 and our Programme Coordinator since 2008 has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to all our mentors, who so graciously devote their precious time and expertise to their alma mater. It is through their selfless contributions that our students gain access to invaluable professional advice and guidance, propelling them towards success and personal growth.