23 June 2018

Mentorship Programme 2018 – Tea Gathering

To mark the 14th Anniversary of YW Mentorship Programme on 23 June, the 2017-2018 Alumnae Association (AA) Mentorship Programme drew the curtains gracefully with a tea gathering for mentors and mentees at iBakery Gallery Café in Admiralty.  Through the mentor-mentee connections, mentors shared their professional knowledge and offered advice to the students.  Mentees could learn more about job opportunities, pre-requisites and workplace culture, trends and prospects in established professions or start-up industries.   

The gathering was a reciprocal learning experience for mentors to understand the career aspirations of the young generation, and for mentees to widen their exposure to different career paths.  Students also learned from the Alumnae Association's demonstration of the spirit of the Bible, 'to serve and not to be served'.   

The tea gathering was a beautiful fellowship and wonderful sharing.  It is hoped that mentors and mentees would continue to treasure this precious experience and their special relationship in the years to come.

Link to YWGS Mentorship Programme (Click) (embed hyperlink: http://www.ywgsaa.org.hk/eng/project/mentorship.php)