16 September 2021

Obituary - Miss Evelyn Griffin Jenkins

Dear alumni and friends of Ying Wa,

It is with great sadness to bring you the news of Evelyn Griffin Jenkins passing peacefully at the home of the elderly in Kent, U.K. on 12 September 2021.  She was 91. 

A graduate of the University of Oxford, Miss Jenkins joined Ying Wa in October 1956, teaching History, English and Scripture.

Miss Jenkins was a quick, sharp thinker, and she was very lively.  Students were charmed by her warm, gentle style and youthful image.  She became Headmistress of Ying Wa in 1967.  Under her leadership, Ying Wa was charged with a new spirit of venture and made bold forays into fun events such as fashion and pop music. And unheard of in Ying Wa’s history, male students were admitted for the first time into the sixth form.  All these aroused in the youthful hearts of the students a sense of freshness and excitement.

However, the person who ushered in these new beginnings – Miss Jenkins herself – did not stay long.  She left Ying Wa at the end of 1972.  She also left, especially to her many students, unforgettable memories of a headmistress who brought about a lively and dynamic school life.

More details on ways for alumni and friends to pay respect to our beloved Headmistress will be released soon.

Miss Jenkins will forever be fondly remembered by all at Ying Wa.  May she now rest in eternal peace in God's loving arms. 

Ying Wa Girls' School

15 September 2021

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