19 November 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner 2016

Fifty years of grace, a lifetime of good work, an evening of celebration …

Around 200 guests, teachers, alumnae and students joined our Thanksgiving Dinner as Ying Wa toasted the 50th anniversary of the ordination of Rev. C.C. Lee. Her illustrious service and guiding principles – "give up not, refuse not, fear not and have hope" – continue to inspire many in our Ying Wa family and Hong Kong. 

A big surprise awaited Rev. Lee that evening. Alumnae not only got together to present her with an album capturing many touching encounters through the years, but some were so moved by her past kindness that they made an unsolicited donation to the School Redevelopment Project, knowing it to be a cause close to her heart. Thanks to Rev. Lee and her well-wishers, $2.8 million was added to the School Redevelopment Fund in one evening.