1 November 2019

YWGSAA Newsletter (Oct 2019)

YWGSAA Newsletter has just been released. Enjoy the content!

YWGSAA Newsletter (Print & Web version) - The cover story is on the Open Prayer Meeting on 13 April 2019.

In 2020, there will be a series of celebratory activities to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of YWGS.  You can find the latest news on page 6.

Furthermore, there are many interesting articles and sharings from alumnae/teacher/principals, including. Founder's Day Service & Dinner 2019, Behind-the-scenes Heores of Redevelopment Project, The Search for Miss Silcocks' Resting Place, The Trip to England, The Path of Grace, Publications of YW alumnae, Reunion of 1959 & 1989 F5 Graduates, 70th anniversary of YWGS Student Association & Winners of a Social Innovation Competition went to Paris. {{ Past Issues }}