20 August 2021

Fund-raising Movie Gala: To My 19-year-old Self

"To My 19-year-old Self", is a documentary directed by Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting(張婉婷校友)about the development of 10 Ying Wa girls through their school years. The film premiers on 1 December, 2021 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. 
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16 April 2021


各位校友:英華文物館 -- 前幼稚園小屋(建於1926年)學校文物館的籌備工作已進入展品甄選階段。倘大家仍保存那些年間的學生手册、成績表、習作、學費單、測驗卷、通告等,或某些能讓人緬懷昔日在英華的多彩多姿生活,以及種種好人好事的珍貴藏品,歡迎惠贈,或借出,以供展覽;惟1990年後的物品除外。至於相片,則以年代久遠,具趣味性或歷史意義的為佳。如蒙慨允,請於2021年5月14日前,附該物品的相片,並簡述相關事件及年份,電郵本組聯絡人霍靄瑩校友(1967)。另:所有捐借物品,均需先經評審,始能展出;由於館藏地方不敷,如未獲展出,將會盡速發還,敬祈見諒。謝謝。學校文物館展品籌備工作小組啟
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4 March 2021

YWGSAA Overseas Newsletter (Feb 2021)

Overseas Alumnae Newsletter (Web version, 12th Issue)In this issue, we are blessed to have quite a number of contributors, ranging from the “big sisters” graduated in 1960 to recent graduates of the 2010s, and Ms Margaret Thomas, a former English teacher who left Ying Wa half a century ago too!  Some of them share their real-life experiences living in overseas countries, from initial hiccups to fruitful personal growth. Enjoy, and hope you would get some inspiration from their sharing! Enjoy! [ Past Issues ]
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4 March 2021

YWGSAA Newsletter (Feb 2021)

YWGSAA Newsletter (Print & Web versions) - The cover story is on the Sponsored Walk 2020 held in the new campus and there is a special feature introducing the new sports facilities for the strengthening of students’ physical fitness.Moreover, the School Counselling Team, parents and alumnae shared their views on how to improve “Mental Health” of YW students.
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28 February 2021

2021 Founder’s Day Service & AGM

Notice is hereby given that the Founder’s Day Service and Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online via the Zoom platform from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm on Saturday 27 March 2021.   Notice to the AGM and the associated papers are provided below.All voting members are encouraged to join the virtual AGM.  Prior registration (through the link/QR code provided below) on or before Thursday 25 March 2021 is required for safeguarding computer security and confirmation of voting right.  We’ll send you the Zoom-hyperlink for the AGM via WhatsApp/email after your membership status is verified.  
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22 January 2021

Nomination of Council Members (2021 – 2023)

Invitation from Ms Anita Chui, the President of YWGSAAL:"The term of office for the current Council will expire in March 2021.  Here may I invite nominations from all of you.  Please consider whether you yourself or your former classmate(s) would like to contribute, commit and serve our alumnae for the next two years..."Duly completed Nomination Form should reach YWGSAAL by mail (76 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels) or email ( on or before 24 February 2021.Details & Nomination FormNomination Form (PDF Version)
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9 January 2021

Release of the 120th Anniversary School Magazine

The 120th Anniversary School Magazine was released in early December, 2020 to celebrate a momentous occasion in our school’s history. The magazine includes an overview of our school life in the new campus, snapshots of school events and alumnae’s sharing etc. Not only does it capture the present, but it also revives some treasured memories of the past. If you are interested in ordering the magazine to share our joy and pride, please visit our anniversary school magazine webpage (Click).
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2 January 2021

Class Album of 1960

PDF Version
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