7 May 2018

In Loving Memory of Dr Gail Law

Annnouncement from School: It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Miss Gail Law (羅曼華), graduate of 1959, in the morning on 2 May 2018. Her life is like a shining torch, always lighting a way to hope and glory. May she be crowned by our loving God and rest in peace.
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2 May 2018

Joint Announcement & Principal's Letter

Please check out the following information: Joint Announcement from School and YWGSAA; and Letter from Mr Francis Kwan, Principal of YWGS, sharing the latest news of School Redevelopment Project
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9 April 2018

Final Appeal for the Donor Wall (Brick Campaign 2.0)

Without the grace of God, Ying Wa would not have existed; without vision, our founder's work would not have endured, and without you, our school could not have been redeveloped. For this reason, we would like to appeal to all to contribute to the Redevelopment Fund. [ Website ] [ Poster ] [ Details & Donation Form ]  
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26 March 2018

Founder's Day 2018

Around 300 alumnae, teachers & guests attended the annual function at Jade Garden, Causeway. Participants were informed of the latest school redevelopment news. Photos are available for browsing from the Facebook of YWGSAA!
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24 March 2018

Topping Out Ceremony on 24 March 2018

It was a historical moment, topping out of the new Robinson block. Looking forward to stepping in the new campus in Founder's Day 2019 or earlier! Check out the photos from the Facebook of YWGSAA!
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28 February 2018

Alumnae Newsletters (Feb 2018)

Two issues have just been released. Enjoy the content! YWGSAA Newsletter (Print & Web version) - The cover story is on the announcement of Fund-raising Drama entitled《媽咪,存因為你》2018. In this issue, there are many interesting articles and sharings from alumnae and news from school, including latest news of School Redevelopment Project, Reunion News of Classes of 1957, 1967, 1972 & 1977, interviews of Ms Ho (何慧姚老師) & Mrs Wang (王劉曼慈老師)etc. {{ Past Issues }} 
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1 January 2018


2017 年 12 月的第一個星期六,英華百多位師生、校友及家 屬,浩浩蕩蕩向著印洲塘海岸公園進發,暢遊了風光如畫的地 質公園,感受著大自然帶來風和日麗的一天。今次的校友會活動,開創了多項先河:1. 團友的年齡層由 2 歲半到 90 歲2. 行程結合了船河與輕鬆行山3. 得到來自美加的海外校友一同參加4. 超過百人在荔枝窩合唱英華校歌有份籌辦是次活動的校友會幹事蔡細梅 ('77) 說,希望藉著活動 將美麗的香港郊野介紹給大家,它實在是個不可多得的寶藏, 大家要盡心愛護啊!巫敏如 ('78)
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17 December 2017

Class of 1967 Reunion

我們好不容易等到 2017年年底慶祝畢業 50 週年。頭炮午宴共有 44 位同學出席,包括 14 位自外國返港團聚。整週天天有節目的慶祝設計讓大家重温學生時代在校園耳鬢廝磨的日子,例如新界一日遊 是造訪屏山文物徑,嚐懷舊菜等;另一天則往南丫島行山,吃山水豆腐、冰棒憶樂趣;星期天一起在合一堂崇拜,之後沿樓梯街而下,探訪昔日足跡。之後再踏上三天的廣州番禺之旅,24 人浩浩蕩蕩暢 遊餘蔭山房、廣州塔等,更在沙面的花園高歌懷舊曲 Do-Re-Mi。六十多歲猶有童心,源自少女時代的友情,隨著歲月的磨練,變得更真更醇,經歷大半生,成績競爭皆拋諸腦後,感恩的是能再健康相見,分享豐富的人生閱歷,而連繫所靠的是在英華當學生時所領悟的人生觀:寸陰是惜,非以役人,乃役於人,這是不滅的真理。 陸明 ('67) 編者按:此文為節錄本,原文、隨團姑爺陳建偉博士所賦的詩及 潘小明 ('67) 的稿件刊於校友會通訊海外版
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